Despite 20 plus years experience using MS Office and Excel,
I decided to take this course, I learned many new features. Short keys, VBA, creating marco's and identified new ways of applying Excel to everyday work.
I'm focus on continuing my educuation to improve my effectiveness at work.

Evaristo Soto, JR

Professional Project Manager

About Me

Project Manager

I am a professional Project Manager with 20+ years of hands-on experience.  I've worked mostly in the Information Technology field but other industries include construction/remodeling, banking and the entertainment industry.  I have proven my ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, focusing on completing project within budget, on-time and adhering to all established PMO standards and methodologies.  I've managed with effective communication, leadership abilities and effective project planning. I've been identified for my ability to work with internal and external resources as a means of ensuring productivity and directing day-to-day workflow and maintaining quality.  I’m able to collaborate with senior management and stakeholders to identify, recommend, develop, implement, and support cost-effective technology solutions for all aspects of the organization.